About Us


  • A trusted leader serving the community with a commitment to innovation and improvement.


  • Plan for technology improvements and maintenance to meet the operational needs of the district.
  • Develop and expand on existing partnerships to build trust and explore collaborative opportunities.
  • Deliver excellent service while focusing on innovation and improvement.
  • Exercise sound financial judgment and plan for fiscal sustainability.
  • Develop and manage infrastructure to support operations and innovations now and for the future.
  • Hire, develop, take care of and promote the best people.
  • Build community trust and resilience through education and engagement.


  • Continuous Improvement

    • We seek feedback and learn and improve from experience.
    • We are willing to take risks and make changes in order to improve service.
    • We are committed to doing the work, and continuously improving the way work gets done.
  • Integrity

    • We are open, transparent, and accountable to the public we serve.
    • We acknowledge that public trust matters - and strive to be worthy of it.
    • We are respectful, effective and humble.
    • We do what's right for the right reason.
  • Teamwork

    • We work cooperatively with one another to achieve our goals.
    • We strive for open and honest communications and value differing opinions.
    • Our managers coach, mentor and develop a strong team culture.
  • Compassion and Service

    • We treat our customers with respect and dignity.
    • We appreciate the importance of caring for people in the most challenging of circumstances.
    • We are not here for ourselves, but for the community we serve.

Through community support, Snohomish County Fire District 7 has built one of the most advanced emergency response systems in Snohomish County with highly-trained personnel and progressive rescue programs. We have seen several improvements as we continue to work to meet the needs of our growing communities, and will undoubtedly continue to see additional changes. Most importantly, we are here to serve you when you need us.

On October 1st, 2016, Fire District 7 and Monroe Fire District 3 merged together. During the August 2016 Primary Election, voters in Fire District 3 approved merging with Fire District 7 by almost 81 percent.

On January 1, 2020 Lake Stevens Fire and Snohomish County Fire District 7 merged agencies with an approval vote from the Lake Stevens voters of almost 81 percent. The new district serves over 162,000 people over 140 square miles and is dedicated to saving lives, protecting property, and taking care of people in a fiscally responsible manner. We currently serve the cities of Lake Stevens, Mill Creek, and Monroe along with the unincorporated areas surrounding these communities. In 2019, our emergency personnel responded to more than 17,000 emergency calls.

Currently, the District employs roughly 300 personnel including firefighter/EMTs, administrative staff and chief officers. All personnel; past, present, and future can feel proud of the accomplishments made by these fire districts during the last several decades as well as for the accomplishments yet to come. We are committed to our communities and appreciate your support and are grateful for the opportunity to serve our community.